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Another year is racing by…

Do you have a strategy for getting your team aligned
and your business on track?

Your business holds the potential of creating wealth and freedom. Why not fix it?  Make it over!  Or, start fresh with another one. But don’t let another year slip by…

The Biz Plan Challenge as an online webinar course I’ve previously hosted. We have completed 8 Challenge programs and built hundreds of business plans during The Challenge Series! That’s good news for you, because I have been working with previous Challengers to refine, improve and “plus” the program. We have added terrific NEW features to The Challenge, thanks to their suggestions. Previously, I charged $1,500 for the program!

BUT…THIS version of The Challenge is different.  It’s a home study program.  You work through the business planning process on your time, at your shop or home office.  Easy, convenient and powerful!

The Biz Plan Challenge: Home Edition is a series of webinar recordings.  We spend six webinars building a business plan, section by section. Then we focus on the implementation and results. I’ve included over 35 downloadable checklists, forms and procedures to help you every step of the way.

The Challenge Home Edition

At the end of the program, you will have your own customized business plan, reflecting a clear set of actions to help you and your team make it happen.

So, to take away any reason to NOT accept the Challenge, I created this Home Edition version of this powerful course.  With a no-brainer price tag…

Still Not Sure?

No Worries. Our Product Comes With A

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee!


Purchase the Product right now, and see it for yourself within the next 30 DAYS. If the product does not live up to any the claims stated here. I don’t want your money, and I’ll give back every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends.

100% Money-Back Guaranteed.





Here are the details…

  • 8 Recorded Webinars on a data DVD
  • 35+ Customizable Business Planning Forms, Procedures and Checklists
  • The Bare Bones Biz Plan softcover book
  • The Bare Bones Biz Plan audio companion CD

The Challenge requires that you watch the Webinars, read the book and do the exercises. I make the process easy by laying it out for you. You choose what you want out of business and life, who can play and how you will make it happen.



Testimonials from Previous Challengers


Hello Ellen,

Just a note to let you know how much I am enjoying listening in on the Challenge this go around. The timing is grand for me at this point.

Truthfully, I have been struggling and strongly considered selling. I am now re-engaged with the business. My goal at this point is to maximize the 4th quarter and finish the year as profitably as possible. The tools with the plan have given me direction and confidence to make a couple of difficult decisions to the benefit of the business. It is good for me to listen and review my past work in the context of today.

Have a great day!

Mary Ardapple
Apple's Baker


Since working on my biz plan, In LESS than one year, still 2 months left, we went from 1.4 Mill to…are you ready... 3+ Million… Thats 3,000,000.00 so fun to type it out.

So this goes to prove in a “Down economy” if you have a good product, and the drive to succeed, stay the course and follow your BBB Plan ( Even if not complete…) you can make it happen!

Michelle Blemel
Amber Leaf Designs


"Since signing up for the program I have found the answer simply to be YEEEEEEEES!! I am loving it and getting so much out of it. I think you tailored the last step on Getting Organized just for me!! I have been the classic case of always looking for things, knowing I put them somewhere, and wasting a lot of valuable time trying to find them. It’s almost as if I can breathe better knowing there is a solution and it’s so easy to implement. I am pleased to say I have been taking some steps in the right direction to organize files into folders on my computer, but really love your system for naming files – so simple yet so effective. I love your enthusiasm – it’s contagious!!"

Jane Heller
Swiss Maid Fudge & Wis. Dairyland Fudge


"Owning your own business is definitely a Challenge, but with Ellen by your side, she makes it so much easier. I feel like my company has made so much progress in building my business plan, since I have signed up for The Challenge. The Challenge helped me focus on creating one part at a time and going through each section and really understanding the purpose of why I need all these pieces to build a solid business plan."

Greg Leslie
The Clean Company


"Ellen helped me get much clearer on my goals and the month end reports are reflecting that!!! I will be joining you on the next challenge to finish up. It was a great experience and very helpful in getting my business where it needs to be-PROFITABLE!!!"

Kathy Gavin
Ammara Medicine Wellness Spa


"The most memorable part of the Challenge was the “aha” moment when Bill & I realized that if we want to make money with this business, instead of just having a job, we would have to redesign our business to reflect our goals. The Bare Bones Biz program give more information right away and offer more support than any other program or training I have had."

Cathy Smithmyer


"As the owner of a growing renewable energy company, I can list many reasons for taking the Challenge, but if I were only allowed one reason it would have to be Ellen's honest and real dedication to YOUR success. Ellen has created a safe, structured, and fun environment to shed your hamster wheel ways and lay the foundation and path to your business dreams."

"The Bare Bones Biz team is there to help you every step of the way, and the value that Ellen packs into her services cannot be matched. Many thanks to Ellen and the BBB team for all of your help along my path to success."

Bo DeAngelo
Automatic Solar


"The Challenge provides you with the the guidance, support and structure necessary to move you from imagining what is possible in your business to DOING! The Bare Bones Biz program is understandable and intuitive. The Challenge is the best deal out there in regards to useful formatting and consultant support. Ellen is there when you need explanation, illumination and inspiration when it comes to creating a plan focusing your business towards success and profitability."

Linda Russell
Mugshots, Inc.


"This has been an AMAZING experience. I’m so excited about our business and look forward to making lots of $$$ and having fun this year because I was part of this awesome process! Thank you so much!"

Shirley Lidtke
C.I. Services, Inc.


"It's been about 5 months since I completed The Challenge. As I continue my business education labors - reading about business, sales, marketing etc. I am amazed at how much of what others say to do, I already did in The Challenge. The Challenge made it too simple - though I don't mean to imply it was not a challenge. It was and still is work. However it is very satisfying to use it regularly and to see positive results.

"When I stood up in our BNI group to share what my business was all about I simply read the mission statement and USP from my Bare Bones Business 'thing' that I put together in The Challenge and 'WOW!' is what they said. 'Did you write that or were you coached? It sounded professional. We've heard of doing that but never heard one actually presented.' Of course, it IS professional, and I wrote it, with your help, input, and encouragement. AND, I'm making money with it, AND it was only from the first week of The Challenge.

Bob Ferrari
Flue Season


"As a sole proprietor, I was so overwhelmed deciding what 'hat' to where that I never had the time to build my business. I can relate when Ellen says 'get off the hamster wheel' because I was the hamster and have run many circles on the wheel. Creating a business plan always seemed to get pushed aside in order to handle the day to day, crisis and deadline driven projects.

"Once I heard about 'The Challenge' I committed to spending one hour a day, 5 days a week to complete my business plan. Today, I know why it is called 'The Challenge' because it is difficult to step back and take a look in the mirror when you aren’t where you want to be but Ellen holds you accountable for your actions, keeps you on track, and inspires you to think big!"

Ryan Riley
Riley Athletics


"I am enjoying being a part of The Challenge! Ellen has done a great job of keeping things moving and organized on the calls. I think it is a very effective format to use and limiting the number attending lets everyone feel invested in the project-not just an unknown listener. I love that we can send Ellen assignments for the week and have her comment on where we need to make improvements. I really needed the one on one call to get me going in the right direction on the budget-I think that was a very nice effort on Ellen's part to reach each one individually to help with specific areas giving us trouble. It's nice to have The Challenge site to log onto if you need to go back over what was said on a call from a previous week.

"The Challenge is a good tool to motivate you and get you moving solidly in the right direction. When it's done everyone will have a good foundation put together for their business and can continue to "tweak" it on their own. We had purchased the complete system and have listened to the DVD and read all the books-but having a person to be accountable to is the key to keep the ball rolling with such a big project. It is way too easy to cut corners or procrastinate (for me anyway) if I don't answer to anyone. By the end, things are well fleshed out and you're excited about it so you are more likely to finish the rest of your set up. If everyone has the same Ah Ha moment I did, you realize your binder is a "living" binder and will never actually be done!"

Stacey Ridgeway
Mason's Chimney Service




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