1. Franchise Expansion
  2. The Power Partner and Jr. Power Program – with Al Levi
  3. “Dust-off” Day
  4. The “Reward the Right Stuff” Compensation and Bonus Program
  5. The Financial Quick Check Meetings



These programs are available to those who have already worked with Bare Bones Biz or demonstrate that they are ready to play the game at a higher level.

Are you operating from a KFP and ready to take your company to a whole new level of performance and profitability? Bare Bones Biz can help. These programs require that you have the basics IN. Business basics – consistently applied – help you make more money and have more fun. The basics WORK…from Main Street to Wall Street.

Franchise Expansion

AcquisiionCreate a Franchise from the ground up. Ellen can help you build your Franchise from conception to initial Franchisee Training. Or, take your current business and build on it to create your Franchise Empire! Ellen built the 18th fastest growing franchise in the U.S. as listed in the March 2004 Franchise Times ® “Fast 50” list and also names to the Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 ® 25th annual rankings. She grew the Franchise from start-up to 46 Franchisees, in a total of 111 territories, throughout the U.S.A in 22 months, in a traditionally male-oriented field…Plumbing!

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The Power Partner and Jr. Power Program – with Al Levi

For highly motivated business owners who want fast, profitable, sustainable growth…with a multi-location strategy involving regional or national expansion. Visit with Al or Ellen about the selection process.

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“Dust-off Day”

Bare Bones Biz agrees to:

Deliver the The Dust-Off Day consulting program. We will …

  • Hit the ground running! We’ll map out the agenda for the 2.5 day visit with you over the phone in two one-hour phone visits.
  • Visit your shop for two and a half (2.5) days.
  • Get you back to KFP – Known Financial Position. Audit your Balance Sheet and Income Statement….so that you know exactly where you stand…and what you need to do to get to KFP.
  • Work with you and your team so that you can better understand your accounting systems and can take responsibility for achieving and operating from KFP.
  • Refine and update your Chart of Accounts and financial reports to reflect your company so that you can use these reports to make better, faster, more profitable management decisions.
  • Help you understand the financial reports…the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss so that you can use them to make better, faster, more profitable choices.
  • Build your budget for the current and next year and create goals for sales and expenses and a viable selling price strategy.
  • Update the organizational chart and refine the chain of command and “who does what”.
  • Re-Introduce the Financial Quick Check and Month End Checklist to help you learn to USE your financial information to make better decisions and to get to and operate from KFP.
  • Teach you and your team as we go to help you update and refine basic financial data entry…for invoices, deposits and bill payment…based on Chart of Accounts changes.
  • Provide a one-hour follow-up phone meeting.
  • This consult also includes the Financial Basics 102 Program. This collection of e-books, systems and checklists will be emailed to you prior to our visit.

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Golden Rule“I believe the best thing I could have done for my company was to earn the right to become a Power Partner of El and Al and I believe it will be the best thing you’ll ever do if you earn the right to become a Power Partner.”

Mark Paup, Golden Rule Plumbing, Heating and Cooling

HERE to learn how Mark Paup got a handle on the MONEY…

The “Reward the Right Stuff” Compensation and Bonus Program

RewardCreating a Budget is a powerful step towards crafting YOUR ideal business. From the Budget, you have Goals for each area of the business…and a reasonable Selling Price. How do you KNOW if your Budget assumptions are sound? You have to keep SCORE.

Keeping Score helps you know if you are on track…and what to do if you are not! Also, by Keeping Score, you can reward the people in your company who go “above and beyond.” Quit rewarding poor performance. Start rewarding the Right Stuff people at your company.

This program will help you get up and RUNNING with a performance-based compensation and bonus program. We will schedule two on-site visits with Ellen Rohr.

On the first 2 ½ day visit with Ellen Rohr you’ll receive…

  • Customize and implement the Scorecards and Scoreboards for the Service Techs, Sales Teams and Install Teams.
  • On-site, real-time education for you and your team. Ellen will introduce you to the Scorecards and Scoreboards and a solid Bonus program.
  • Tie in a WIN-WIN-WIN compensation and bonus program. We’ll “dovetail” your Budget with the Scorecards and a sound compensation program, one that honors and rewards the best performers and won’t shoot your profits in the foot.
  • Answer questions and customize the “Rules of the Game” to work for YOUR team. Implementing a new way-to-pay can be tricky. Ellen will help you navigate the best course…and get everyone on your team playing a bigger, better game.
  • Show you how to measure, improve and REWARD progress. One of the cool benefits of this compensation plan is that EVERYONE can win. We’ll show you how!

During the second 1 ½ day visit, you’ll…

  • Review and update the Budget with the information from the Scorecards and Scoreboards.
  • “Iron out” the challenges discovered by you and your team as you put the program in place.
  • Kick in the bonuses and acknowledge the Right Stuff actions at your company!
  • Enjoy a compensation and bonus program that doesn’t leave you feeling resentful…and doesn’t compromise your profitability. This program MORE than pays for itself in increased sales and profits!

The “Reward the Right Stuff” is designed to help you put performance-based compensation IN at your company. Sure, you can do it yourself. But WHEN? And will you know the answers to all the tough questions your team is bound to come up with? We can help!

BONUS the Financial Intensive includes Financial Basics 102 – all the Scorecards, Scoreboards and Procedures customized for YOUR company…and IMPLEMENTED during the on-site visits.

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The Financial Quick Check Meetings

Financial Quick Check

Are you concerned that the accomplishments you make in our consulting work could slip away? It’s so easy to fall back into old habits and patterns. One of the best benefits of working with Bare Bones Biz is that we will HOLD YOU accountable. Our weekly Financial Quick Check meetings will…

  • Review your homework on your Financial Quick Check.
  • Reinforce your financial analysis…and help you find the red flags if you happen to miss them.
  • Help you develop the habit of meeting weekly for a financial review and decision making meeting with your key employees. You can’t win the game if you ignore the SCORE!
  • Make sure you STAY at a KFP and create profits…EVERY month. The financials can get “messy” if you are not diligent. It takes time, discipline and procedure to change a behavior.

Set yourself and your team up to WIN and let us hold you accountable…at least for two months. That way the good behaviors will gel into good habits!

Andy Stack“I’m 55 years old and I would like to r